Endless Summer

23 May

About this time of year, pretty much every year, at some point I’ll think to myself, “I wish the weather would stay just like this forever.” But, sooner or later, I’ll start missing my sweaters and tights and boots, and wish that it would hurry up and get colder (hot chocolate weather!). The hydrangea that we are getting ready to plant in our front beds, though, may be just the thing to get me to really wish that the summer would be there forever. The name of the hydrangea variety, no surprise, is “Endless Summer.” Coincidentally, hydrangea are often said to represent preservation (as in a forever love, thus their popularity with weddings), so “Endless Summer” seems appropriate symbolically as well.


The Endless Summer collection of hydrangea are specially bred to allow for blooms on both new and old growth. These plants bloom throughout the summer (thus the name, I suppose), and include both mophead hydrangea (the Original & Blushing Bride), lace cap hydrangea (Twist-n-Shout), and Wild hydrangea (Bella Anna). We are going with the Original.


Hydrangea are also fairly easy to care for. Best planted anywhere from early spring to late summer in an area of the yard or garden that gets morning sun (but some shade in the afternoon), hydrangea need well-drained soil but they aren’t very needy otherwise. Especially on getting started, its important that they are regularly watered (thus the name HYDRA-ngea, and they aren’t camels, so you’ll need to make sure that they have adequate water regularly). Acidic fertilizer is a plus, but they really only need it 1x/year, and in the spring, before they bloom. I already know that my soil is acidic, so its really about boosting up what is already there.

I read a pretty cool tip for prolonging the life of a cut hydrangea (they are way too short-lived for my tastes) – its called the hot water method. When cutting blooms, take a container of water out to the plant. As you cut each stem, put it in the water. Inside, boil water and pour it into a container. Place the stems in the (very) hot water for about 30 seconds, and then arrange them in room temperature water. From what I’ve heard, this is pretty much a guaranteed method! Sweet! I can’t wait to try it!


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