Homemade, (almost) home grown Caprese

25 May

One of my goal this year is to grow food we can eat. To that end, we started a bunch of plants from seed (there is a post brewing on that), including sweet Genoese basil and a couple of varieties of tomatoes (including “strawberry tomatoes,” the likes of which I’d never heard).


Mike and I are also very fond of homemade cheese, and we made some super- easy mozzarella last night. Our tomatoes are not yet in bloom, but our basil sure is sweet!

Cheese is a lot easier to make than most people think. It’s really just a gallon of milk, some citric acid, some rennet, and some salt. Heat it up a bit, stir it a little, wait a minute or 2, stretch it, chill it, and you’ve got your very own homemade mozzarella. We got started with a cheese making kit, which I’d highly recommend. We are soon going to embark on making hard cheeses, but cheeses like mozzarella are super easy, and even tastier than they are easy. Honestly, the hardest part is finding milk that isn’t too pasteurized (but the Buford Hwy. Farmer’s Market is another post all to itself!).


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