Mr. Postman

12 Jun

My dad recently had a reunion with the guys he went out west with. They called it the “Pea Pickers Reunion” because they went out to Montana (where my dad and his best friend worked at Glacier National Park), California (where they drove dump trucks even though they didn’t know how before they guy who had gotten fired for being drunk taught them, and then he taught them wrong – big surprise), and finally to Oregon, where they earned the name “Pea Pickers.” The story goes that Daddy wouldn’t eat peas for years after that experience, not saying that I can’t blame him… 🙂

Needless to say, a lot of stories got told and retold over the course of the weekend. Some of them I’ve heard, and others were new to me (and to some of them, given the amount of alcohol they collectively consumed!). Its amazing, the power of enduring friendship, and what one person can give to another alongside shared experiences. One of the most magical take-homes (for me) is that John, Daddy’s best friend, kept some of the letters they wrote as young men – Daddy won’t let us read all of them! Apparently, some of them are towards the risqué side. It’s so amazing to me that my father, who can tell a story with the best of ’em, but I’ve never seen write a single punctuation mark more than he has to, wrote pages-long letters to his best friend. That alone speaks volumes of the power of a friendship.

One of the treasures John found: a picture I’d never seen of my parents on their wedding day, 45 years ago!!

My dad has been an amazing father, and such an inspiration to me. He and John have been friends for over 60 years! Talk about staying power… There really aren’t words strong enough, loving enough, respectful enough, or kind enough to describe my daddy. He is the most dependable, most generous, most self-sacrificing (but never a martyr) person I’ve ever known. I hope that by the time I get to his age, I’ll have touched even half the people that he has.

My longest friendship at this point is over 30 years, with Ginger. She has always been the leader in her own band (figuratively) and literally she moves to her own beat (professional dancer/dance teacher). Here’s a picture of us around age 4:

Ginger and I, being good parents to our babies. 🙂

I still have that baby doll! Can you believe that we were the same age at the time of that picture?!? Ginger and I really have always been as opposite as they come. What is it, do you think, that keeps those friendships so close to our hearts?


One Response to “Mr. Postman”

  1. ArbitraryAmbrosia June 13, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    I couldn’t imagine the fun I would have sitting around with my dad’s long-term friends and hearing stories. That must have been a great treat, and it sounds like your dad is a very special guy. In terms of friendships, I would say that those that are most dear are that way because you feel good being around them; they have been there (or shared) major life experiences; and then there is a security that they would stick by you no matter what. Thats at least what I think about my friends! Great post, friend 🙂

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