You are the *Iris* of my Eye

22 Jun

Months and months and months ago, when I started sketching out our landscape plan, I sought input from Le Hubs. Much to my surprise, he did actually have input! He wanted iris in our garden! So… Iris he shall have.

“Iris” refers to nearly 300 different species of showy flowering herbs, grown from either rhizomes or bulbs depending on the climate. They thrive in a wide variety of climates, and are easy to grow. They prefer at least 1/2 a day of sunshine, although they may also like some shade if it’s really hot. They aren’t especially particular about soil (although its ideally at a Ph level of 6.8 if you are into that sort of thing), either, as long as its well-drained.

They don’t especially like to be planted deeply, about 12-24″ apart. They may need some help in getting their root systems up and going, so watering up front is a good idea. After they are established, however, they are usually pretty hardy. Feed them with a 6-10-10 fertilizer about 2x each year (in early spring and about 1 month after their blooming ceases), and you will have some happy flowers!

I am most definitely enjoying the theme that the flowers and plants we have selected are by and large hardy, easy, and quite pretty! Installation in T-3 Weeks!


One Response to “You are the *Iris* of my Eye”

  1. Sadam August 29, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    beautiful “iris”

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