Hello, out there!

My name is Anne Marie, and I am so glad that you stopped by! I’ve been writing a very private (in that nobody read it) blog for a while, but… its time to open the curtain! Hopefully, this won’t be a situation where the emperor has no clothes on! That would be terrible, because I do love fashion!

I especially love shoe fashions, which is where the “jimmy” in the name comes from, a la Jimmy Choo. Not that Jimmy Choo is necessarily my fave designer (it would be way too hard for me to pick, almost like picking a favorite child!), but the name is emblematic of style, daring, and general awesome-ness.

Jimmy Choo

Classic and fun Jimmy Choo

Speaking of awesome-ness, how awesome is Julia Child? No, I don’t intend to ever cook through her cookbook (someone else has been there and done that), but I do think that Julia Child has definitely had the biggest impact a chef I’ve never met could ever have on me. I heard a story once, about Yo-Yo Ma (that’s right, I’m dropping names all over the place here!) and Julia Child. As far as I know, they never met either… In any case, Yo-Yo Ma was asked about how he appears so relaxed, comfortable, and even upbeat about performing, and making mistakes when he is performing. Do you know what he said? He visualizes Julia Child, and how she was on her show. She would engage her audience, talking, explaining, all the while de-boning, or filleting or whatever else she would be doing, and at some point, inevitably, she would drop the chicken on the floor. On tv. And she would pick it up and keep going, and it would turn out to be the masterpiece-level dish that Julia Child was known for. Making a mistake is not something to be afraid of – sometimes she would laugh at herself, sometimes she would just keep going, but it didn’t impact the show or the dish, which is what her focus, and that of her audience, was on. And Yo-Yo Ma reflects on that prior to performing so that he, too, can remember that getting the mistake (that is inevitable at some point, even for him) out there is just part of making great art. AS a recovering perfectionist, remembering that story is “perfect” for me.

The story itself doesn’t emphasize enough just how important Julia Child is/has been, but it’s also part of where “Julia” comes from in the blog title. I do love to cook, and I really love restaurants, but for me, “Julia” is an important touchstone of me, who I am. I love to laugh (I’ve been called the comedian’s best friend – sometimes it doesn’t even have to be that funny!), I love music (all sorts, including Yo-Yo Ma, but also lots of other things), I love to cook, and I love to run (ok, so that really doesn’t have much to do with Julia, but this is the about me part, not just about the blog).

Julia Child

As for me, I’m a therapist (with a focus on working with people with eating disorders and a history of working with people with substance use problems) living and working in Atlanta in my “real” life, and its work that is incredibly important to me. It’s so awesome to get to have a career loving what I do! And having a career that lets me have time to do other things that I’m passionate about (gardening, cooking, reading) is a must in my book. I’m also married to the best guy ever! Not only is he incredibly handy (he fixes my car, he fixes our house, AND he helps my dad at my parents’ house! Swoon!), but he loves me. He doesn’t need big hair, he’s already that close to God! (And yes, I am from the South, raised with the mantra “The bigger the hair, the closer to God.”)

New Year's Kiss


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  1. eatingthepages November 13, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I was looking through yours and I thought: “why is this person interested in Germany?” 😀 But I just figured out that you are Anne Marie of “Mike and Anne Marie’s Adventures” blog. Haha! Good luck with everything and I am looking forward to reading your stories.

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