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22 Jun

There is nothing like having your husband travel to inspire all kinds of unusual activity. “Moi? Mow the lawn? Surely you jest. Uh… wait… you’re serious. Uh oh!”

In addition to some of those unsavory tasks (and yes, I did manage to avoid taking the trash out the entire time; I’ve seriously never been more devoted to reduce, reuse and recycle than I have in the last weeks), I also found it to be a lovely opportunity to redecorate! Pictures hung? Check! New colors (including bedding) in the bedroom? Check! Different furniture arrangement in the living room? Check! And Hurray! Our dining room table no longer looks like a desk (mail, computer monitor, and pen holder all re-placed in the actual office)!

I also found a new favorite song. It’s not really new, but it sure does speak to my heart in a new way: “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes. The lyrics detail a couple of lovers recalling when he first realized he loved her. “Holy Moley, Me-oh-My, you’re the apple of my eye / Girl, I’ve never loved one like you / Man, oh man, you’re my best friend, /I scream it to the nothingness / There ain’t nothin’ that I need.” I really love the chorus, too: “ahh home / let me come home / home is wherever I’m with you.” For all the rearranging and redecorating and cleaning up I did, it really didn’t feel like home until he arrived in my arms tonight. Yes, that is as sappy as I’m going to get for today.  🙂


Composing a playlist + of monsters and men “Little Talks”

14 Jun

It was not my intent to use this space as a record of my idiosyncrasies, but sometimes they work themselves into my life no matter how I try to tame them… Nonetheless, here we go again!

I create playlists. Not just “… I think I’ll create a playlist for xyz occasion” playlist creation, but Playlists. I have playlists for every season of every year since 2004 (with the exception of winter 2007, when I was working full time, president of my Sunday school class, in grad school, working my internship, and training for my first marathon; although I do have a playlist for said marathon).have a playlist for (and its actually called this) “driving home when its dark and I’ve had a great day” and “Sunday songs (parts 1, 2, and 3). Its really quite fun (and often rather silly) to take a musical trip down memory lane.

Its time, though. Playlist summer 2012 here I come! For better or worse, however, I’ve been using my drive time lately to listen to the stimulating content of NPR (the only station I can tolerate people talking to me on). So… I’m a little more out of touch (musically) than I’m used to! Eek! Suggestions welcome! What are you putting on repeat? What do you think that people need to hear?

I’ve been enjoying this tune for the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d pass it on. I hope that you get to enjoy the same pre-vid ad that I did – made me giggle. I think it was called “Make it with a fireman.” 🙂


Bon Iver “Holocene”

4 Jun

Just really good music…