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Simple Joys

21 Aug

Hello, world!

I feel badly that I’ve abandoned my fledgling blog for the last few weeks, but I’m also not positive that there will be an immediate righting of that ship. 😦 My husband and I are preparing to move out of the country (but not permanently), and every one of my OCD personality characteristics and anxious tendencies have gone straight through the stratosphere in going through this process.

Seriously. I’m getting on my own nerves. But… when I woke up at 3am last night and started thinking about my bank account and how I need to deal with that (I’m currently on a plan that requires me to use my associated credit card at least monthly in order to avoid account fees, and using that credit card in Europe will then incur international fees, thus nullifying my attempt to avoid fees), I am glad that I have lists made and tasks scheduled so that I don’t have to try to remember everything that I need to do.

In light of my brain that is working overtime (but not getting smarter, just more tired), I’ve also been aware of the difference that the smallest little thing can make. For instance, the joy and curiosity of the “junge” (indulge me as I practice my German: it means boy) playing, making faces, and waving at the security camera outside our grocery this morning may have made my day! He was so free, truly, and for a minute, I actually wanted to play in front of the camera, too. Instead, I came home and dealt with my telecommunications company regarding putting my cell phone (“handy” for those looking to brush up on your German) in suspension mode for the time that we are gone. Trust me, that boy was having more fun, but he did give me such joy!

The second miracle of the day happened as I walked up the path to our house. Several wee baby eggplants! We started the eggplants a bit late, and I had convinced myself that our fair house sitters would solely reap the benefits of the eggplant row in the garden. Ratatouille and eggplant parmesan, here we come!


Do you have other creative ways of using eggplant? We just purchased several eggplant from the farmer’s market this weekend, so we will soon feel like its all eggplant, all the time, I fear. Not that in 2.5 weeks we really have that much time to gorge ourselves on eggplant, but I’m always in the market for new recipes!

Be well world, and thanks for your patience!