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Food Truck Fiesta

15 Jul

You know what it takes to bring people together? Barring tragedy, food and fresh air are two of the best excuses around for the people of my fair city to come together. This weekend’s food truck festival was obviously the most auspicious melding of exactly that: the most popular food trucks in Atlanta and the city’s most popular park. I got sucked into a book and sort of forgot about it for a while, so we didn’t make it down there until the last couple of hours of the party. But let me tell you… it was a party! The bad news was that by the time we looked around, several of the trucks were out of food, or at least out of their specialty. šŸ˜¦ That’s no fun for anybody, but it made for some people’s perfect excuse to throw a pity party. In spite of these few (who know who they are, I’m sure), it was a lovely time.


Yoli’s Street Food – home of what my husband called “a darn good Cuban sandwich”


Banged Up and Mashed: so colorful, so popular!

After we’d filled up our tummies, we strolled around the park for a bit, discovering this little gem! Its a garden, used by and for teachers to help educate wee lads and lasses about the growing process! How cool is that?!? The Education Garden, which is sponsored by Chipotle, is an all-organic garden that teaches kids not only about the growing process, and sustainability, but also Ā organic techniques for managing some of the problems that pop up in gardens and what composting is and how it works. I read that the garden is an outdoor classroom for more than 800 kids in a year, and I’m ready to turn back the clocks and be a kid again!


From seed to fruit, this garden is busting out all over!

The last portion of our walk before the belt line (aka the walk back to the car) was another garden area featuring fruit trees. I love to watch trees get trained!


Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s most well-known park, and it comes with quite a storied history. The land that is now Piedmont Park was originally purchased for the meager price of $450, although that was back in 1822, and that was probably a lot of money back then. Since then, it has gone from being a forest to hosting the Cotton States and International Expo in 1895. Following the fair, there was apparently some rig-a-ma-rolling as the owners tried to sell the park land to the city. The city’s reluctance, for those of you in Atlanta, was due in part to the fact that Piedmont was considered too far away from the city! Can you believe that? The city sure has grown around it in the present time. They eventually decided to buy it in the early 1900s, and since then it has grown into what it is today.