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Project Landscape

10 Jul

The big week is finally here!! And it’s underway, though not in a particularly attractive way:


A nice young man from the nursery came to begin killing our current grass yesterday. Sorry, grass! It wasn’t personal, I promise! The above pile of dirt was delivered this morning for Mike’s little side project. He’s installing a french drain along the right side of the property (yay.). The man who delivered the dirt was one of those people who could restore faith in humanity, even among the most cynical among us. Seriously, he was one of the most considerate, efficient, easy-to-get-along with, and polite people I’ve ever run across. All that and he was an incredible dump truck driver! He prompts me to want to remind you that if you can make your purchases from a local, small business, you totally should!

I am hopeful, however, that this is the smelliest part of the installation. In case you didn’t know, a big pile of dirt is really stinky. I won’t go into what it smells like, assuming I’m in polite company, but trust me, its not pleasant. I am looking forward to the less smelly parts: the peonies, the abelia, the ferns, the lilies, and all of their friends! 🙂 More to come…