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Orange in the Garden

13 Jul

After our yard got all pretty yesterday, I’ve definitely had floral on the brain! (And shopping, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with our yard!) In any case, here are a few of the items I’ve found in light of my recent inspiration!

Orange in the Garden


Heavens to Betsey

11 Jun

I’ve never been one to shop for a label. The style of the item… ok the shoe… sometimes the color, and sometimes the number of straps have always been key factors in my shopping decisions. My mother pointed out a long time ago that the more bows, straps, or buckles a shoe has, the more likely I am to feel like I need them.

It is also true, however, that I have had favorite brands. I’ve gone through my Nine West phase, and my Steve Madden phase, and my Naughty Monkey phase. I remember, early in elementary school, when it was the cool thing to do to have a wide variety of high-top Reeboks (I’m not sure if this was a widespread trend or if it was localized to my small suburban elementary school). I had red, green, white, black, and my favorites were a bright royal blue. I guess its time to admit it… I’m a life-long shoe-aholic.

the full monte: straps, polkas, bows, and peep toes!

I am apparently entering a Betsey Johnson phase of shoes and accessories. I posted something recently inspired by

Leopard Soles!!

a pair of shoes that I came across in my mindless internet shopping (some people read to fall asleep, while others leave the tv on; me? I browse the internet’s multitude of shopping sites. Sad, I know), and while I did end up buying them, I still smile every single time I even think of them! They are very fun: polka dots, bows, t-straps, peep toes – all the good things, rolled in to one fabulous shoe.

But… they weren’t my 1st pair of Betsey Johnson’s! Like any good shoe-a-holic, I had 3 different pairs of shoes for my wedding. 1 dress – there were no wardrobe changes a la Kim Kardashian, but there were shoe changes. 🙂

Ceremony shoes

The “getaway” sandals

My “party” shoes were the 1st Betsey’s I ever wore, and they added a piece de resistance: SPARKLES!! And yes, they were comfortable, too. 🙂


Sparkles and a sweetheart toeline!


Inspired by Betsey’s shoes

1 Jun
Inspired by Betsey's shoes

H M tie shirt
£13 – hm.com

Karen Millen a line skirt
£50 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Betsey Johnson bow shoes
$90 – zappos.com

Neon handbag
$68 – tobi.com

Adidas watch
$75 – endless.com

Mixit jewelry
$14 – jcpenney.com

Summer Dreams

30 May

Admittedly, I am a bit late to the Polyvore scene, but I am having a great time playing around with it. On a flight of fancy, I found these quite lovely summer shoes – the things my dreams are made of. Simple, fun, feminine, and not altogether reasonable (for this girl’s budget, anyway)!

Summer Dreams

Carvela satin flat
£75 – harrods.com

Sam Edelman strappy wedge sandals
$220 – stanwells.com

Cocobelle flat heels
$135 – calypsostbarth.com

Rachel Zoe leather shoes
$325 – couture.zappos.com

Mymu orange wedge heels
$375 – shoplesnouvelles.com

Gucci cork wedge shoes
£540 – profilefashion.com

TOMS crochet flat
$58 – toms.com

Ballet shoes
$44 – lebunnybleu.com

Nina Ricci thong sandals
£604 – farfetch.com

Fresh vintage (ish)

29 May

I love these Bobbi Blu’s for so many reasons: the little purple edge on the t-strap ruffle, the color of the satin (is it golden or silvery or what? I’ve never been able to nail it down completely), the fun peep-toe, really, I could go on forever. I love these shoes! And… they have a periwinkle sole! (I think that if my soul had a color, it might be periwinkle, too!)