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Are people getting married any more?

20 Jul

Of course they are, but I’m in that phase of life where more people are having babies than are getting married. Don’t get me wrong, I love babies, but I miss having a wedding every month. I do love them! A great excuse to get dressed up, knowing that for this night these people who I care about are not only promising to love each other through thick and thin, but they are going to celebrate it with (most) everyone they love? Perfection! Just a couple of weeks ago, my dearest friend and I were lamenting the lack of weddings recently. It really is quite a tragedy. I am, however, guilty as charged, as my wedding really only had family. I’m sorry to all my friends that I deprived of the wedding experience (so far; we do plan to have a bigger party at some point, but life keeps getting in the way. Maybe we need to start thinking about a 5 year plan…)!

Imagine my delight when I peered into my calendar for the next couple of months and realized that we have a wedding to go to each month! 🙂 Hurray! I have justification to buy new shoes! 🙂 I’m partly kidding, of course. For the first wedding, I’m standing up in it, and we were just encouraged to wear silver shoes. And, if I’m being honest, I do have several pairs of silver shoes. At least a couple of them probably could have done a very good job of carrying me down the aisle.

But… then… I saw these:

Flower-y, sparkly, and pink!

And then, I found out that they were available in silver! I will confess, however, that I don’t love them as much in silver as I do in pink. I do still love them, though, and I love having them on my feet! I stalled in indecision for a few days, and procrastinated myself right out of ordering them from my go-to shoe site, Zappos (they ran out of my size). I became increasingly alarmed as I cruised the internet shopping outlets I frequent for shoes as the Zappos situation repeated itself several times! Uh oh, tension mounting! Fortunately for me, when it comes to shoes, there are few as tenacious as I am! Not only did I find the Sadi’s in silver, I found them at a better deal than they were on Zappos. Amazon! For shoes!! Who knew?!?

In any case, my houseplants are getting a real treat this afternoon, as I wear them around the house just because I can! 🙂

My feet are all dressed up, with nowhere to go!