The King of Almost Everything

Meet Kramer, who, weighing in at just over 7 pounds, is a tiny giant. (below is a current picture, at 14 years old; he just puts on a baby face!)


Kramer saved my life, I think, when we found each other. I was living alone for the first time, far away from all of my friends and family, and was very lonely. A wise woman recommended that I find something that could show me life and love. I decided that a lovely solid white, black, or gray female cat, who was at least 3-4 years old would do the trick. I visited The Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, PA, certain to find my lovely lady. In the front window, playing with his (already adopted) brothers, was the spunk-Meister himself, but he didn’t fit my solid colored 3-4 year old female idea. So… I went home. And dreamed about that little guy for 3 days before I went back, certain that this time, the perfect, solid, 3-4 year female would jump out at me. Instead, I started the process to take home the incredibly playful itty bitty baby boy, who has a patch of solid white under his chin and on his feet, but is really quite tabby. He made friends out of the neighborhood (he really was quite an attention seeker, and has pretty much always been all ears, so he definitely stands out).

Kramer and I walked all over Philadelphia together, he on a leash while I tagged along behind him. Sometimes he’d ride in the hood of my jacket when there was inclimate weather, but he was usually the one dragging me around.

As soon as we came home, he snagged the love of the rest of my family, including my dad, who’d forbidden us from having a cat in the house due to the feline proximity to hades. Kramer, however, was different. Kramer loves completely, and loves to be in charge. He will always be my first love, my bebe, even though now my dad can not be separated from him (Krams even gets a morning massage from my father, if that tells you anything).

Kramer will jump up on me to give me a hug around my neck, and is prone to smothering me in kisses. He is a primo biscuit maker (who sometimes drools as he enjoys this) and looks forward to summer so that he can be with his beloved peaches (he just about tries to hatch them, but he will also lick them if given the opportunity). Among his other favorite things: Chicken, pancakes, butter, oil, and pens. Really, anything that has a string or is soft or is straight. Kramer isn’t all peaches and cream, though. Just wait til he starts talking – he’ll give you an earful! 🙂

Kramer is, without any doubt, my favorite cat, but he’s pretty special to most everybody that he meets. He is partial to watching the Braves and Days of Our Lives, and will watch the History channel for hours at a time (he and Daddy are just alike).

(it really is too bad he reflected the flash and that I don’t do enough photo editing to know if it could be fixed; he does this all the time, though- literally paws at people to get their attention. It’s not just my bias that says its adorable!)



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